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Shirley Temple Is Not a NAZI!!

Neville Francis Longbottom
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Hello. My name is Neville and I live in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. I'm a junior at St. Monica's and I live with my grandma Augusta Longbottom and her boyfriend Isaac Jackson. Unfortunately, Isaac is the grandfather of Izayiah Jackson, a cracked-up public school kid with a temper. And he is probably the only person in the world that I hate. Seriously, he is so annoying.

I also have a pet parrot named Thadius that my grandma bought me on my sixteenth birthday. She's a retired secretary, and we're living off of her GENEROUS pension and a type of "inheritance" from my parents.

I work at a burger joint in the city during the summer, and I have made a few good friends in Milwaukee (Dane "Dickie" Thomas is hardcore-awesome!).

My parents are Frank and Alice Longbottom. My dad was a police officer and my mom was a preschool teacher in Milwaukee. When I was five, we were driving to North Dakota to visit some relatives. We were hit head-on by a semi truck and flipped over into a ditch. I came out with a broken arm and a few scrapes, but my parents ended up suffering from amnesia and partial paralysis. To this day, they are still in the hospital, but are well on their way to full recovery. They remember most of their lives BEFORE me, but they still know my name. They just think I'm a nice boy that visits them.

Susan Bones has been my girlfriend for almost a year, and I honestly can say that I don't want anyone else to fill her position. She's always been there for me and has helped me through the failed relationships I've had. I finally realized that she was extra-special, and asked her out on my sixteenth birthday. She screamed, "OMG NO WAY! I MEAN, YES! I WAS JUST SHOCKED!" and that's what Thadius likes to repeat, especially when I'm studying or sleeping. She knows exactly what to do to cheer me up and makes me feel great all the time. I definitely love her and I hope we stay together for as long as she can stand me.

I used to take tap-dancing classes when I was about four up until I turned ten. I quit because of the whole..."sexuality questioning" that went with being in a class with sixteen girls and one other boy who was notoriously..."fabulous." I still often practice in my room. While watching my collection of Shirley Temple DVDs (Huge Confession of Doom).

I am a HUGE fan of black-and-white movies. We have this giant chest FILLED with them in the basement.

I have an immense fear of heights and religion teachers.

Every time I go to Target, I get on one of the little "tyke-bikes" and ride them around the store.

I hate the rain. I will not leave the house if it's raining. Not even if it's just sprinkling. It just...freaks me out.

My cousins Hawk and Baker are the most amazing people in the universe. They're genius twins. They're 18 years old and currently attending Michigan State University for Philosophy and Psychology. Don't ask me which one's majoring in which. They're probably the "dumbest smart people" ever. Together, they are an "inseparable force of awesomeness" and know just about everything.

Enid is my aunt. Therein lies the insanity. Blame her for EVERYTHING.

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The Greatest Girls In The Galaxy: Susan Amelia Bones and Megan Freida Jones

My Interests: 7-Up, Broadway, tap-dancing, hoedowns, cheese, indie films, over-large sunglasses, tap shoes, neon signs, parrots, parades, cupcakes, patterned napkins, socks, cookies, classical music, opera, techno, Twister Moves, Dance-Dance Revolution, Karaoke Revolution: Showtunes Gone Wild!, beanie hats, overly-stuffed parkas, parks, water fountains, showtune lyrics, scripts, and play rehersals gone obscurely wrong.

Note: Neville Longbottom is a fictional character copyright© to JK Rowling. His journal is also a work of fiction. Any non-fictional references to Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin are for the purpose of an online RPG. Thank you!